Posted by Admin on 28th December 2011

Treatment For Knee Osteoarthritis in Elmhurst, IL

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common types of disabilities in America today. There are roughly 10 million Americans suffering from it, and quite a few are here in Chicago and Elmhurst, IL seeking relief. it is a wonder what the exact cause of this degenerative disease could be, please read below for more information.

This problem happens when the cartilage around the joint deteriorates. Cartilage is a cushion that protect the bones during movement. Without it they rub together causing “spurs” to form. They lead to an inflammation response and stiffness. The combination of the three cause a lot of pain, making it hard for the sufferer to move around and enjoy life.

Factors that are commonly associated are genetics, previous traumas to the area, being overweight, and overuse inures, such as from playing sports. The exact cause of can’t be pinpointed, but it could be a combination of the above items.

There is a natural non-surgical treatment available that works to restore the lubricating fluid and strengthen the ligaments and muscles. The option of cortisone steroids injected into the capsule is available, but advised for a short term solution. Oral medications can provide relief, always review with your doctor. There is replacement surgery, this would be the last option after after all other procedures and exercises have been implemented.